• Use your balance for purchases, payments or to buy our electronic currency EWCoin.

    E-DIZ was born out of a necessity to help facilitate the distribution of funds in your marketplace. In fact, E-DIZ is short for Electronic Distribution.

     Visa and MasterCard
     International.  Withdraw the balance in your e-Diz to make purchases in thousands of establishments nationwide and withdrawals in the PLUS or Cirrus network.

    E-DIZ Global Solutions .  For purchases at establishments that accept debit transactions and bank withdrawals from automated terminals in over 200 countries.

  • 7 good reasons for you to use our e-Diz solutions.

    • 1- Simple and quick sign-up process without credit check;
    • 2- You don’t need a bank account or a card, you’re eligible for a prepaid debit card
    • 3- Companies have no access to your personal information;
    • 4- With our international debit card, you won’t need money in your pocket anywhere in the world;
    • 5- Make purchases or withdrawals at ATM machines in over 200 countries that accept our international debit card;
    • 6- The only one that offers a financial manager so you can plan around your income, expenses and financial targets
    • 7- Very soon... e-Diz in your smart phone

  • The first payment system that offers a free financial manager

    In addition to sending and receiving payments, only your e-Diz allows you to set targets, manage funds, control expenses and generate graph reports which you can see online or print.

    e-Diz is the first solution to integrate financial management capabilities which allows you to manage bills and payments from different sources or partners in one single access.

  • Increase your sales by offering more options to your clients

    e-Diz has a number of methods for billing and paying in order to make your sales more convenient and easy to your clients, users and suppliers. Among these methods, you can access e-Diz access to check your account balance, send online charges/bills, receive wire transfers and payments in cash, financing, auto debit and to accept Visa and MasterCard debit cards.